Best Shrimp Avocado + Toast Recipe

After all of the complaining about the cold and dreary weather here in Birmingham, the sun finally decided to show up. Let me tell you… it put me in SUCH a wonderful mood. It was a whopping 75 degrees and SUNNY for the first time in such a long time and it’s not even March yet. I could totally get used to this. Remember in my last post where I mentioned that I can smell Spring in the air once it arrives? It’s SO close.

Dustin and I were both off for President’s Day so we were able to work in the yard and do some deep “Spring” cleaning. Obviously, all of our hard work on this perfect day had to be rewarded with a nice lunch and cocktails… Avocado & Toast is my go-to. Mainly because there are so many different ways to spruce this quick fix up as eating one specific dish can get a tad bit boring. Yesterday, I made my homemade guacamole (full recipe listed in this post here) and toasted a few slices of sourdough bread. Before I put the bread in the oven I brushed a tiny bit of olive oil and added a dash of fresh pepper. After the bread came out of the oven I added the guacamole spread followed by a couple pieces of steamed shrimp that I picked up at the grocery store earlier that day. It really made for a healthy, yet delicious lunch treat. Dustin loved it so much he even ate most of my plate 😉IMG_5009








What are some of your favorite warm-weather recipes and/or go to lunch dishes?





giving me all the feels


Vacation Vibes

We are SO close to March! March always feels like a good step in the right direction – not only because it’s my Birthday month but also because it brings a new Season. There’s something so beautiful about March… call me crazy but I swear this is the month that I can usually smell Spring in the air? Maybe it’s the beginning of longer days and warmer weather or maybe because it’s because of all of the years in school I spent looking forward to Spring Break? Whatever it may be… bring it. This has been a harsh winter weather wise so I’m more than ready to hit the Beach in a couple of weeks. Hope you enjoyed a little inspiration for my outfit planning!



Sunday’s Spring Finds


It’s been a lovely week filled with Audrey Hepburn movies (3 to be exact – obvi blaming this one on this being a week centered around love), Valentine’s festivities and time well spent with friends and of course D. But, now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, Spring is definitely in the air. This weekend I made my first Spring purchases for the year and I’m excited to share my finds – which feel more like steals due to the major sales going on this weekend. Naturally, I’m a shy person but that shyness goes out the window when I find a good deal.. like I legit want to sing from the rooftops and let everyone know … call me crazy but saving $$$ excites me. Obviously, this is a good trait for a girl who has a shopping problem 🙂 or is it?

Anyways, as I was saying, luckily there are a ton of good sales going on this weekend because of President’s Day tomorrow (PTL for 3 DAY WEEKENDS) so I made it into town and had a little “me” day in an effort to find a couple of items for my upcoming birthday trip to Miami. Although I LOVE online shopping sometimes it just feels good to get out of the house and try things on.



I don’t think I’ve been inside an American Eagle since I was in middle school but I just so happened to come across the Aerie store when looking for new bathing suits and I was definitely impressed. The light and airy storefront drew me in and it was giving me all of the feels. I found this Peacock printed one-piece bathing suit for 30% off – I’ll definitely be going back for more.




This dress was 50% off at H&M and the pictures do not do it justice. Unfortunately, it was the last one in store and I actually can’t find it anywhere online. It’s actually a midi dress and would be perfect for any wedding or tea. It’s a bit of a teaser… conservative yet flirty with its open neckline and peek-a-boo cutout – super feminine. Regularly it’s $59.99 but it rang up for a whopping $29.99+ taxes.

Below i’ve listed more President’s Day sales:

  • J.Crew Online & in stores: 30% off your purchase (including sale styles).* Use code SOGOOD.
  • Ann Taylor – President’s Weekend Sale 50% Off Sale + 40% Off Full-Price Styles. Code: GETMORE
  • Pottery Barn – President’s Day Weekend Sale Up to 70% Off (no code needed).
  • Nordstrom –  The department store’s highly-anticipated Winter Sale — up to 40% off — coincides with Presidents’ Day and continues through Feb 25.
  • Saks Off 5th –  Extra 25% off clearance apparel with code PRESWKND. The offer is available for select styles, and runs through Feb 19.
  • ASOS – Get 15% Off Everything For President’s Day. Code: PREZDAY

Am I the only one over here longing for Spring? Feel free to share any other President’s Day sales. Also, any recommendations for things to do in Miami would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!



spring + tablescape


Recently I hosted a bridesmaid’s brunch for one of my best friends who just got engaged over the Holidays. Before the brunch, I added a couple of fresh updates in an effort to make my home more inviting. With Spring right around the corner, I decided to make more seasonal changes.. starting with a little tablescape. I’m learning that sometimes less really is more and little touches like adding a little greenery and fresh flowers, really gives your home new life.


I had been on the hunt for brass candle holders and couldn’t seem to find any at my usual go-to places. I found the ones listed in the pictures below at a local antique store here in Birmingham.


For the longest time, I’ve been looking to incorporate a little eucalyptus in my house but wasn’t really sure what or how I would do it so after many trips to Trader Joes I finally purchased fresh greenery.  And the large candle holder? It was surprisingly found at Walmart and was a last minute purchase the morning of the brunch. I had to stop in the morning of because I needed the candlesticks for the holders when I stumbled across. Without hesitation, I added it to my cart knowing it would be a nice addition for my tablescape vision.


Below are ways  I’ve started incorporating “Spring” throughtout my house.IMG_4978IMG_4979IMG_4960IMG_4983

How do you like to incorporate Spring into your home? Any suggestions for more ways to add seasonal touches? I’d love to hear more. As always, thanks for following along.



Through Rose-Colored Glasses


In 2018, I am looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.

As I sit here writing at my dining room table I reflect on of 2017’s treasures. A lot of these treasures are right here in this house and serve as my inspiration – let’s be honest making a house your home takes time. I’m in the works of finishing up my dining room and wanted to share some bits and pieces of the progress. Ironically enough, my life (like my dining room) is a work in progress and wanted to share my thoughts on 2018 as well.

In March, I will turn 25 and I refuse to live this year feeling as if I’m enduring a quarter-life crisis (thanks, John Mayer). Although I am beyond blessed to have a great job and great relationships I feel as if I still don’t understand my true purpose and that is truly scary. Don’t get me wrong, 2017 was a beautiful and valuable year. I learned a lot about who I am and I fully intend to take all of 2017’s lessons and grow from them in 2018.


The biggest takeaways or growing pains for me are when I look back on the days in 2017 when I feel as if I was merely just surviving when it comes to being a good employee, girlfriend, daughter, friend, and dog mom. I know, I know, I sound just like every other 20-something millennial but bear with me…As I was driving to work the other morning, I was listening to “The Magnolia Story” on Audible when Joanna passionately preached about the idea of “thriving rather than surviving”. Admittedly, this hit me like a ton of bricks. You see, because, just as she mentioned, if you are going through life just solely surviving on a day-to-day basis. What are you going to do when a big tidal wave of trouble heads your way? You will only drown as you are barely afloat as it is. If you are thriving, however, nothing can ever get you down enough to not make it through.

So, this blog is my outlet. It’s a place to keep me in check. A place to look back to in the future and reflect on the beginning of where I truly learned to love my life and the world itself. To make sure that I document the highs and see through rose-colored lenses. Enjoy some of the updates on my dining room, along with a beautiful excerpt on La Vie En Rose a-la Audrey Hepburn, below.

Thanks for reading!






“Dearest Father,

We shall be graduating next week, and I shall be getting my diploma. I want to thank you now for the two most wonderful years of my life. I shall always love you for sending me here.

It is late at night, and someone across the way is playing “La Vie En Rose”. It is the French way of saying, “I am looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses,”  and it says everything I feel. I have learned so many things, Father. Not just how to make vichyssoise or calf’s head with sauce vinaigrette, but a much more important recipe. I have learned how to live… how to be in the world and of the world… and not just to stand aside and watch. And I will never, never again run away from life… or from love, either.

I am taking the plane home on Friday, Father. You needn’t pick me up at the airport. I’ll just take the Long Island Railroad and you can meet me at the train– the 4:15. If you’d have any difficulty recognising your daughter, I shall be the most sophisticated woman at the Glen Cove Station.“

When in the Bay Area


It’s been a crazy Fall. With football season, the Holidays and work…I feel as if I’ve been running full speed 90-to-nothing. Speaking of work, I’ve been with my company now for just over a year now and as of November 1 I moved into a new role 🙂 I’m thrilled for the change and excited for what’s to come. With that being said, it’s definitely a lot of change and way more responsibility (i’m sure anyone who has ever started as an SDR can relate). I moved from SDR -> Account Manager. The company I work for is actually HQ’d in the Bay Area and since I had to work in our HQ for the week I decided to fly in a little early and explore San Fran the weekend before. I’ve traveled to L.A but this was my first time visiting Northern California. I must admit, it was a dream. The culture is completely different and I mean that in the coolest way possible. I love the energy.

Things I loved most there: The people are hungry there. Hungry meaning, really driven and ambitious. I realized that almost every conversation didn’t begin with your typical small talk/ icebreaker questions. They were so different…so forward. The questions weren’t where did you go to school? Who do you know? What are your Hobby’s? It was…what do you do? As in, who do you work for and what are your goals. I feel like everyone I came in contact with worked in Tech which obviously shouldn’t have been a foreign concept considering I work for a SaaS company but it’s Silicon Valley and I work in tech in Alabama. Birmingham certainly has it’s misconceptions especially when it comes to 21st Century Southern culture and it’s revitalization. And don’t get me wrong, Birmingham has a plethora of startups but it would be really great to see more of the tenacity and energy that’s so heavily presented out West in my little Magic City.

Scroll for more touristy pics.

IMG_4864IMG_4862Version 2IMG_4865IMG_4850IMG_4849White Cold Shoulder Top: South Boutique, Black Distressed Jeans: JCrew, Booties: Chinese Laundry, Floppy Hat: Old.

P.S. Do you think my floppy hat *screamed* tourist?







Champagne Taste. Beer Budget.


Since moving in I’ve managed to only get a few projects done. I’ve tried to take it slow.. one room at a time but let’s be honest.. at what point does one ever stop decorating?

I’ll admit it…I have mastered the art of having champagne taste on a beer budget. It’s actually a gift that I’m quite proud of and I love a good deal. After making a few updates in our living room this summer a new couch isn’t really an option for me right now so for the time being, accent pillows will suffice. On Saturday morning, I arrived at HomeGoods right as they were opening their doors – I was a girl on a mission for pillows. After perusing aisle after aisle, unfortunately, I just couldn’t find what I was looking for- trust me, as a loyal patron of Homegoods this is sad for me to admit. So, I cheated and ventured off to TJ Max, then to Pier 1, and still… nothing.

Store after store I began feeling defeated so I did what any millennial would do. I grabbed my phone and googled “accent pillows near me”. It was too good to be true! Pottery Barn had its Rhett Print Pillow Cover on sale and it’s what I had envisioned all along. I’m in love with Caitlin Wilson Pillows but with my “beer budget” $70 per pillow cover + insert isn’t feasible for me at this time so I knew I had to be creative. Online, these pillow covers were showing on sale for $28 but The Summit Pottery Barn had them on clearance for $9.99 each. So, I still had to buy the inserts but that that means I snagged these beauts for about $36 total. So far, I’m happy with the outcome. Oh, and although I went in for pillows I also managed to snag another deal on this Jamie Stripe Linen Cotton Duvet for a whopping… get ready for it… $39. I’ll do a post about that soon… There are a million more things that I need to do in here but for now, I’m content and have to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Thanks for reading,












Rhett Print Pillow Cover (24″ Gray) – On sale!

Washed Velvet Pillow Cover (20″ Alloy Gray) – On Sale!

Honeycomb Lumbar Pillow Cover (6 x 26″ Flagstone)

Easiest. Guac. Recipe. Ever.


Of all of the meals and appetizers that I’ve ever whipped together it seems to never fail that whether I’m feeding Dustin, family, friends, co-workers or even strangers, I seem to get the most compliments on my homemade guacamole recipe. But, shhh… I want to let you in on a little secret. IT’S INCREDIBLY EASY.

I could pair and avocado with any dish during the summer time- omelets, toast, lettuce.. you name it. Dustin and I eat guacamole at least once or twice a week during the summer months. The best part about this dish is that it’s healthy and also makes a great alternative appetizer during football season- and this is coming from the girl who could live off of Rotel dip.

  1. Prepare all of your ingredients: 2 Avocados, 1 hand full Cilantro, 1 jalapeno (finely diced), Pico De Gallo, Lime (Spices not shown: Pinch of salt, crushed red pepper, and freshly grated black pepper).





2) Mash avocados (still leaving it somewhat chunky) and throw all ingredients into one bowl.






3) Mix together and chill for at least 30 minutes but preferably an hour. As a rule of thumb, before covering and refrigerating I always top with freshly squeezed lime juice.


4) Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy!




Processed with VSCO with s3 presetLiving in Birmingham has its perks. It’s centrally located and just a short drive away from Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans and the white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast. Every Summer Dustin and I plan at least one getaway and for the last 3 years, we’ve gone to Destin, FL- which I still love. But, this year we planned ahead of time with another couple (Clint and Claire, pictured above) and decided to vaca in state. We stayed in Orange Beach, AL, which hugs the Alabama and Florida line (most notably known for the “Flora-Bama“.) Both destinations have clear emerald waters and white sandy beaches and hold many childhood memories. Luckily, this summer we were able to create some amazing ones with our best friends.

I can truly say that we did it all in the short amount of time we spent there. Most days consisted of cruising the bay to local favorite Robinson Island, sipping coronas dressed with lime, all while eating our weight in the Gulf’s finest Royal Reds and creamy raw oysters on the half shell at the Florabama Ole River Grill. (Side note Dustin and I could live off of seafood.)

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Low-quality pic but high-quality time

Our second day there happened to be the first day of Red Snapper season and Dustin pre-planned a deep sea fishing trip for us all ahead of time in hopes of bringing back dinner for the rest of the summer. Unfortunately, the fish weren’t biting as much as we hoped (even at 11 miles out) so we only caught enough for dinner that night. We grilled the snapper, stopped at a local marina and picked up more Royal Reds, and fried the one flounder, Dustin, proudly caught.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Other days we soaked up Sun on the beach and indulged ourselves at Fishers. Which, by the way, if you are ever in the area you have to try- it’s incredible and by far my number one recommendation within the area.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I was sad to go but thankful for the memories and the time spent with Dustin and two of our closest friends. With Summer 2017 quickly coming to an end it has me in wanderlust and dying to plan a Fall trip. Where’s your favorite place to vacation for just a quick getaway?



Lazy Saturday


After an exhausting work week – a lazy Saturday with my fur babies was much needed. Usually, my Saturday’s are filled with dog parks, hiking at Red Mountain or some Saturday festival at a local brewery but this Saturday Lucy’s in season and Peyton’s a little under the weather so a lazy Saturday at home seemed more fitting.

It’s no secret that Peyton and Lucy rule the roost. Peyton’s going on 10 and has been through it all with Dustin – including college, first jobs, and many moves. He’s lived in Tuscaloosa, Gadsden (home), Orlando, West Palm Beach (lucky), Atlanta, and now Birmingham. When I met Dustin, I knew that he and Peyton were a package deal and now I can’t imagine my life without him. Up until January December 2012, it was just the two of them. And then, up until October 30, 2016, it was just the three of us.


I’ll never forget the day I brought Lucy home. I wasn’t looking for a dog that Sunday but I happened to stumble across an online post that said, “Free to good.” The person who was initially trying to sell Lucy as a full-blooded black lab (she’s not) ended up giving her away and was threating to take Lucy to the pound if no one came to get her. It took one text to D and he told me to go get her. Two hours later – she was ours, and life has not been the same since.

The day I brought Lucy home Peyton took one look at her and knew she was here to stay. Instinctively he already caught on that it wasn’t like the other dogs that visited because this puppy had no other human with her and she was wrapped in his dad’s favorite blanket. It took a couple of months for Peyton to get used to this satin-black clumsy little pup. It didn’t help in those early months that Lucy tormented Peyton (all in good fun, of course!) But I sincerely give Peyton all of the credit for training Lucy into the sweet dog she is today. I know that he has shaped her into the sweet dog she is today and I’ll never be able to explain how happy I am for that because Peyton is without a doubt the most loyal pup out there.

Lucy Today at 11 Months



Lucy at just about 2 1/2-3 months old


Wasn’t Lucy the cutest pup ever?

It’s mindblowing how much these two have changed my life. Especially over the last year. They’ve taught me how to be more compassionate, the reward in selflessness and ultimately made me into a more responsible person. I love being a dog mom.